Hello we’re Citrus

Jim & Steve portraits

Our journey began when ‘the net’ had just been cast; Apples were beige and a 32 megabyte memory upgrade cost more than a current iMac®.

Citrus® is the design, branding and communications studio of Jim Cooper & Steve Meades.

Our role is to turn the challenges you face into opportunities you can benefit from. We explore, identify, re-invent, simplify and resolve. We create assets that bring insight and meaning to your brand story so customer relationships can thrive. We do this across a variety of disciplines for both businesses and individuals.

We have an inquisitive appetite for design and problem solving. It helps us formulate resources and information systems that deliver value to the people your business and products exist to serve.

We love the alchemy of design—the possibilities created when a clever idea, the clarity of a message or a creative application combine to inspire, question, engage, or raise an unexpected smile.

Whether you’re commercial, collaborative or not-for-profit, we tailor solutions that fit the needs of your project, always mindful of technical, social, environmental and economic influence.

We care about the work we yield and like to build relationships with people who care too. Navigating the journey ahead to bring your project to life takes commitment and clear communication from both sides of the client/designer alliance—think of us more like a specialist extension to your team.

At the end of the day we’re here to help, whether you’re looking for some independent advice or a conversation that leads to thoughtful change.

You won’t find any egos—just a down-to-earth team creating solutions that enable a more relevant, informed and authentic experience through well crafted design.

This is our fuel

Good design happens by intent, not by chance.

To identify and resolve the challenges of function, user experience and aesthetic through an authentic, meaningful and creative response.

Manifesto de Citrus

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